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To ensure our knowledge and equipment is cutting edge and we can make fast and effective customer referrals where appropriate, we have strategic alliances and communicate regularly with other polymer experts through membership of professional networks.

Micromoulding Interest Group

We form the administrative hub of the Micromoulding Interest Group which is a unique collective of academics and industrialists with a common goal of furthering understanding of micromoulding and associated technologies. This group has provided access to a range of skills required for a successful micromoulding process and led to the development of fruitful partnerships.  

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Micromoulding Interest Group

Polymer Manufacture for Micro and Nano Technology Focus Group

This forms part of the Micro and Nano Technology Network which provides a market-oriented focus for the facilities, people and organisations engaged in Micro and Nanotechnologies in the UK.  

Micro and Nano Technology Network

Polymer IRC

Polymer engineering at the University of Bradford forms part of the Polymer IRC, which brings skills and resources in macromolecular science and technology from leading academic institutions together. It facilitates the building of effective multidisciplinary teams on the basis of scientific and technological requirements, rather than on the basis of geographical location. Core-science and industrial collaboration are of equal importance. 

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Polymer IRC

Collaborations with other University of Bradford RKT Centres

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of our projects we also work closely with The Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering Sciences and The Centre for Advanced Materials Engineering.

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