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Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU)

The Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU) was founded by Professor David Sharpe following the fire disaster at the Bradford City football club in 1985.

We can never forget the 56 people we lost on the day and 258 others who were injured. But the least we can do is to continue our efforts towards improving the delivery of healthcare to any patient with similar or related injuries.

Today, the PSBRU is led by Mr Ajay L Mahajan, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, who along with his collaborators and research fellows carries out research activities at the University of Bradford. Burn injuries and accidents result in patients being literally scarred for life. Research activities at the PSBRU helps looks at various ways in which wound healing and scarring following wound healing can be improved to deliver the best possible outcome for our patients. It is this research that provides the evidence for practising evidence-based medicine. Research lays down a strong foundation for our young doctors who set out to pursue a career in Plastic Surgery and encourages them to embark on innovative projects.

The PSBRU has had 24 research fellows over the years, most of whom are established consultants in the various parts of the UK.

The benefits of the Unit's work thus spread well beyond Bradford. The advances it makes in medical knowledge and clinical technique are available for use by clinicians everywhere, and nearly all of the Unit's Research Fellows have gone on to practise as consultant surgeons, improving lives both in the UK and around the world.

The infrastructure for the work of the PSBRU is provided by the University of Bradford, where it is attached to the Faculty of Life Sciences. This provision covers laboratory accommodation, academic supervision, administration and professional support. The University also provides some direct funding, especially by waiving fees for higher degrees undertaken by Research Fellows. The level of activity of the PSBRU otherwise depends directly on donations from the public, who have supported the Unit so generously over the years. The PSBRU is operated as a separate cost centre within the University, which means that every donation yields an immediate gain to the resources of the Unit.