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MSc Postgraduate Studies

MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology

The interdisciplinary postgraduate MSc programme in Pharmaceutical Technology has been developed to meet the current and future requirements of the global pharmaceutical industry. This unique course will provide students with a wider exposure to and understanding of pharmaceutical technologies, delivery systems and process analytics.

The University of Bradford School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences is one of the largest pharmacy schools in the UK with strong research and development strengths in pharmaceutical drug delivery and process development. It has strong links with pharmaceutical companies and research institutes of repute around the world. In addition to the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences this course will be supported by Centre for Pharmaceutical Engineering and School of Chemistry and Biosciences with their state of art infrastructure and expertise.


Student Profile

M.Rami Tabbakh 

MSc Pharmaceutical Technology

I chose the University of Bradford as it is among the top 30 universities in the UK for Pharmacy.

During my studies I have gained time management and organizational skills - working under pressure encouraged me to organise myself and I now understand that planning and preparing in advance and setting deadlines is the key to success.

I gained enhanced teamwork skills through the masters course as I worked with several groups during tutorials, seminars and lab experiments which helped me to build and maintain positive working relationships among colleagues to share information and achieve common goals.

I also took part in PeaceJam as a volunteer. My role was to assist in looking after 200 students which enhanced my communication skills.

SCUBA diving also improved my teamwork skills; it has given me much experience of teamwork. In the underwater environment you must have another diver known as a buddy. This enables you to work together to solve any problem that may occur during a dive.

I used new and modern apparatuses relating to pharmaceutical techniques. Lots of seminars and tutorials give you the chance to use these apparatuses by yourself.  

The course helps me to qualify in my chosen profession by providing a balance of academic and practical qualities.