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Dr Igor Malashchuk

PositionPostdoctoral Research Assistant
LocationH37, Richmond
DepartmentSchool of Chemistry and Bioscience
RKT CentreCentre for Skin Sciences
Feedback Hours9:00-17:00
Telephone01274 235917

Research Interests (key words only)

Epigenetics, Skin Development

Study History

  • BSc Genetics, 2010, University of Leeds
  • MSc Biomedical Sciences, 2011, University of Bradford,
  • MSc Applied Bioinformatics, 2013, Cranfield University
  • PhD, 2016, University of Bradford

Research Areas

Skin, Epidermis, Hair Follicles, Epigentics, 3D Genome Organisation, Polycomb Complexes

Current Projects

Research on the role of chromatin remodelling factors in skin regeneration.


Mardaryev, A.N., Liu, B., Rapisarda, V., Poterlowicz, K., Malashchuk, I., Rudolf, J., Sharov, A.A., Jahoda, C.A., Fessing, M.Y., Benitah, S.A., et al. (2016). Cbx4 maintains the epithelial lineage identity and cell proliferation in the developing stratified epithelium. J Cell Biol 212, 77-89.

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