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World Afro Day

Published: 03-08-2017
World Afro Day

World Afro Day (WAD) - A pioneering event on 15th September.

CSS scientists contribute to WAD which aims to set a world record for the 'Largest Hair Education Lesson'.

This will involve school pupils from a wide range of backgrounds across the UK. Details can be found here

A recent review written by Dr Gill Westgate on the Biology and Genetics of Curly Hair and recently published in a special issue of Experimental Dermatology is providing latest scientific information to use in the lesson and has been featured by Medical News Today  "Curly or straight: What determines hair shape?"

The Biology and Genmetics of Curly Hair. Gillian Westgate, Martin Green, Rebecca Ginger, Experimental Dermatology 26, 483-490, 2017

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