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University of Bradford Burns Research Unit says a big 'Thank You' for the success of the Bradford City Appeal

Published: Thursday 8 September 2016
University of Bradford Burns Research Unit says a big 'Thank You' for the success of the Bradford City Appeal

The Bradford City Fire took place on May 11 1985. It claimed fifty-six lives, and left hundreds injured, many with life-changing conditions. The Commemoration for the 30th Anniversary of the Fire Disaster set an ambitious target of £300,000 for its Appeal to support the University of Bradford Burns Research Unit (PSBRU).

The Appeal surpassed its target, with a final total raised of £304,780. A special pair of presentations to mark this achievement were made on the pitch at half-time of Bradford City’s home game versus Oldham on August 27th 2016, at Valley Parade and was reported in the T&A

The presentation of a ceremonial cheque for £304,000 was made by Rachel Thorpe, from Bradford City FC Community Foundation, to Ajay Mahajan, Director of the PSBRU.

Rachel Thorpe said: “I was twelve at the time of the Bradford Fire. I remember seeing black smoke over Bradford from my home in Pudsey, and then a man at my bus stop with singed hair from the flames.

"It's only been as an adult that I can fully appreciate the horrors of that day. I have worked with the PSBRU over the last seven years as representative of their Charity partner, Bradford City FC Community Foundation.

"I get an inkling through this of the ramifications the fire had on Bradford, the families affected, and the football community as a whole.

"The amount of fundraising people have done all over the country is inspiring, and the incredible total raised by donors will hopefully ensure the future of the PSBRU."

Overwhelming support

Ajay Mahajan said: "This year has been phenomenal for us at the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU) at the University of Bradford.

"We launched a fundraising campaign for the 30th Anniversary of the Bradford fire with a target of raising £300,000. I am indeed delighted to see that we have hit the target with overwhelming support from all quarters.

"There have been a wide variety of fundraising events locally, nationally and internationally. The funds that have been raised will go a long way to secure the future of the Unit and support the work we do.

"For this we are very grateful to everyone who has helped us achieve this year's goal. We not only have the confidence to continue with our present work, but we will be expanding our work further in the years to come. I would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all our supporters."

Scientific advances

Des Tobin from the University of Bradford’s Centre for Skin Sciences said: "This is a very exciting time for wound-healing research, with many recent scientific advances in our understanding of how wounded skin heals. We aim to be at the forefront of this important research here in Bradford. The appeal’s very significant fundraising will be an enormous support to making this happen."

Peter McCormick said: "The Bradford Fire was one of the most terrible tragedies ever to strike English football.

"It will be remembered forever by all football fans not only for the loss of life, but also for the many acts of bravery by the emergency services and the fans themselves and for the outstanding work of the Burns Unit. The Premier League was determined to support the 30th. Anniversary Commemoration."

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