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Mardaryev's paper features in podcast news

Published: 16/02/17
Mardaryev's paper features in podcast news

Dr Andrei Mardaryev, Investment Lecturer in the Centre for Skin Sciences, explains his most recent published research findings in the biobytes podcast from the Journal of Cell Biology

Mardaryev and colleagues from Bradford, Boston, Barcelona, Durham and Shanghai published their paper 'Cbx4 maintains the epithelial lineage identity and cell proliferation in the developing stratified epithelium' in JCB in January and this exciting work also received very favourable commentary by Idan Cohen and Elena Ezhkova, published in the same issue. The main take-home message from this work is that Cbx4, a dynamically expressed component of the polycomb gene expression repressor complex PRC1, is vitally needed to instruct normal epidermal development. Cbx4 facilitates progenitor cell proliferation and makes sure that non-needed genes are kept switched off. Intriguingly this fascinating epigenetic regulator performs these dual roles through two independent motifs in the protein. For more details and to listen to the podcast, please click here. NB scan forward to the 10 minute mark in the podcast to hear about this work.



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