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CLaSSiC Team

Published: Fri 10 Apr 2015
CLaSSiC Team

EU project CLaSSiC between Philips and Bradford celebrates exciting research progress

Since Early Stage Researchers, Serena, Charles and Irene started with project CLaSSiC last May, they have each embarked upon their own research projects towards a PhD. Serena's focus is on how light impacts the hair follicle, Irene is examining the impact of light in wound healing and Charles is modelling the biophysics of light-based cellular reactions. Each ESR spends time working both at Bradford and in Philips and there is a great deal of interaction between Bradford and Philips in discussing the latest science as well as project updates. At a meeting in March ESRs presented latest research findings and created great excitement based on discovery of light-based receptors in skin and hair follicles that have functional activity. The ESRs work has been submitted to three international conferences in 2015.

Back Row (L-R)

Andrei Mardaryev, Gill Westgate, Des Tobin, Natasha Botchkareva, Natallia Uzunbajakava (Philips)

Front Row (L-R)

Julie Thornton, Charles Mignon, Irene Castellano and Serena Buscone

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