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Stakeholder Engagement and Partnership Working

Public and Stakeholder Engagement

The Centre's specialists in public and stakeholder engagement have a well-established record of accomplishment in facilitating dialogue and reconciling agendas between public institutions, such as Local Authorities, the private sector and members of the public. 

Our strength lies in the fact that we recognise that working in partnership can often achieve more than any organisation working in isolation.

If you are about to embark upon a public/stakeholder consultation exercise, or if you require initiatives to be evaluated or improved communication strategies to be developed, then please contact Dr Liz Sharp:

Tel: +44 (0) 1274235494


Partnerships for Environmental Action

The Centre's specialists in partnership working have a well-established record in helping companies and public authorities to understand the varied needs and perspectives of each other, and of the public with whom they are working.

Rather than seeking to do initiatives 'to' stakeholders or the public, our approach is rather to seek to understand their needs and to hone communications and actions for mutual benefit.

Our experience has involved both researching the background to public / stakeholder engagement initiatives and post-hoc evaluation, so that future initiatives can be focused more effectively. 

If you want to work with your stakeholders or the public in taking environmental action, then please contact Dr Liz Sharp:

Tel: +44 (0) 1274235494