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Braking Research Centre (BRC)

Brake 3

Collectively the members of the Braking Research Centre (BRC) combine over 60 years of experience in the field of brakes and braking systems.

We specialise in all areas of vehicle brake technology and focuses specifically on current and future trends regarding refinement and technology development.

Typical areas of interest are:

  • Friction pair modelling
  • Thermal issues
  • NVH
  • Brake simulation
  • Brake actuation
  • System modelling

At the centre of our research techniques are physical testing and validation, which has been dramatically enhanced by the move to our new Braking Research Laboratory which houses which houses bespoke test rigs for NVH, thermal and friction testing.

The research team have a long history of collaborating with industry on brake research projects to provide successful resolution to many refinement issues.

The knowledge gained through our research also feeds into the annual Braking of Road Vehicles course enabling it to remain current and up-to-date. We also offer bespoke short courses in braking to individual companies.