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Advanced Automotive Analytics Institute (AAA)

The Advanced Automotive Analytics (AAA) Institute is an interdisciplinary joint venture between researchers in Automotive Engineering and Computer Science, focused on research and development of data science methods and solutions to enhance vehicle reliability throughout the lifecycle – from design to service and reuse.

We are bringing together research expertise in data science, machine learning and data quality and representation, and long-standing knowledge, expertise and experience over a broad range of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering
research topics with a focus in automotive healthcare, engineering, systems, and manufacturing. The members' research is applied to information representation and integration, data mining, knowledge discovery and data governance.

The AAA Institute provides a unique set of world class computational and analytics facilities with associated hardware and software for automotive analytics research including powertrain, quality, design, modelling, and simulation. Our team's mission is to support knowledge discovery from complex automotive engineering challenges with fresh innovative multidisciplinary, multi-objective optimisation and computational viewpoints for research and knowledge transfer contributions and collaborations

The AAA project is funded by HEIF through the Automotive Research Centre, and supported by the School of Engineering and School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.