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In-process Measurement

Microscope MNT

We have particular strengths in the area of in-process measurements, including novel rheo-optical and thermal sensor techniques developed to measure real process histories  (stress, velocity and temperature fields) of polymers during melt and solid phase deformation processing.

This is complemented by off-line characterisation of structured polymers and biomaterials (including tissue) exploring and bulk surface feature characterisation, using a range of state-of-the-art measurements. We develop these through rheo-optical, thermal, ultrasonic, IR/UV/Raman spectroscopic, RD AFM, confocal laser microscopy, micromechanical and electromagnetic research techniques and by finite element modelling of interfacial interactions, including novel constitutive equations, and property development associated with microstructure, across length scales from nanofiller surface interactions to bulk performance of multicomponent products.  We are one of a few groups in the UK with this capability.