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Research Themes

The University of Bradford has three research themes:

These research themes span our four academic Faculties of Life Sciences, Health Studies, Management, Law and Social Sciences and Engineering and Informatics.

Health and Care

With a strong track record in health research and a major provider of healthcare practitioners to UK and global healthcare industries our academic vision seeks  to develop new models of health care delivery, health promotion and technology enabled treatment modalities.

This focus will reduce the burden of avoidable illness, reduce health inequalities and enhance the effectiveness of health and care interventions. 

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The Engineered Environment

Our academic enterprise in innovative engineering centres on research that advances the fundamental understanding of engineering and applied science to create technological solutions to real world problems and needs. 

Through engaging in multi-disciplinary learning and research our undergraduate and postgraduate students develop the creative capabilities that enable them to gain outstanding skills and expertise in engineering design, innovation, management and problem solving.

Importantly, our expertise is leveraged through partnership working with industry and commerce to co-develop and apply our technology, engineering and management know-how. 

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Sustainable Societies

Theodore Roosevelt famously said that the more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future. Many countries are currently riven by war and conflict; energy, food, water and other resources are being rapidly depleted.  Developing sustainable societies, informed by our research knowledge of the past and present, will support growth in economic, political and relational well-being for current and future generations.

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