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International Research

The wellbeing of people across the globe is at the heart of everything we do.  We place great importance on using our research to find solutions to worldwide problems such as poverty, poor health, climate change, energy and water supply, food security, and conflict.

We work with international charities, companies, universities, government partners, and communities to improve our research.  By doing this we develop stronger solutions that have local relevance.

Our international research strategy is focussed on developing:

  • Sustainable societies where war, conflict, energy, food, water and other resources are scarce; and weak governance and economic models have led to corruption and inequalities.
  • Long-term effective healthcare solutions, tackling health inequalities in developing countries, reducing avoidable illness and deaths, and enhancing health and care interventions in the community.
  • Sustainable cities and communities by improving air quality, clean water and sanitation, sustainable energy, responsible consumption and production, and engineering solutions that are affordable and reusable.

International projects