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Professor Charles Husband

PositionEmeritus Professor of Social Analysis (retired Dec 2013)
DepartmentCentre for Applied Social Research
RKT CentreApplied Social Research


The Politics of Diversity and Ethnic Relations in Multiethnic Societies:

Given my pleasure in, and commitment to inter-disciplinary research and analysis, I have a long established interest in understanding the intersection of the social psychology of collective identities, the politics of human rights, and the negotiation of ethnic relations. The sociology of ethnic relations without the insights of social psychology can seem too static and socially over determined. The social psychology of individual and collective identities necessarily leads to an engagement with context: historical, sociological, and political. Contributing toward contemporary social policy issues would seem to demand the creative interplay of all these forces.

My work has seen an inter-play between contributions to theoretical debates and the concrete application of this theory to specific areas of social policy. Current research includes an empirical study of the implementation of the policies of Community Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism in Five English Metropolitan Authorities and an international comparative analysis of everyday inter-ethnic interaction in two multi-ethnic locales.

Ethnicity, Racism and the Media:

Within the generic framework of interests sketched above, one particular area has remained a core pillar of activity through my work, and that is the role of the mass media in generating and reproducing ideologies of racism and social exclusion: and dynamics of a globalized, and ironically, increasingly fragmented and targeted media-environment, the complexities of analysis have continually benefited from an inter-disciplinary perspective. Here again, collaboration with relevant bodies and agencies has been critical. Current work involves a continuing programme of research with Prof Tom Moring ( University of Helsinki) in developing our understanding of the role of the media in language maintenance, and the development of a post-graduate programme in Indigenous Journalism at the Sami University College in Kautokeino, Norway.

The Preparation of Young Researchers:

Over the last ten years and more a significant amount of my time has been committed to international networks that have had the aim of generating a new cohort of young researchers with competence in inter-disciplinary research in the area of ethnic relations. The major focus of this has been the European Doctoral Programme in Migration, Diversity and Identities which through intensive programmes, summer schools and Marie Curie Fellowships sustained a major programme of training. I have a continuing interesting in facilitating the development of early stage researchers.

Study History

Docent in Sociology University of Helsinki

Professional History

2008 – 2011 Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, the University of Helsinki.
2006 – 2011 Scientific Advisor to the UNESCO: European Coalition of Cities Against Racism.

Research Areas

Ethnic Relations
Media and Ethnic diversity
Social Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism
Inter-ethnic relations
Interdisciplinary Research

Current Projects

DFG, (Germany) with Prof William Heitmeyer, Dr Jörg Huttermann (project Director) ‘Immigration, Figuration, Conflict. A Comparative Space Analysis in Bradford and Duisberg.(2009 -11) 360.000 euro
Joseph Rowntree Foundation (Co-Director with Mr. Yunis Alam) ‘Trajectories of Change: Diversity and Co-existence in West Yorkshire’ £150,000. (01/01/08 – 31/06/10)
European Agency for Fundamental Rights (with Dr. Myria Georgiou and Dr. Julie Firmstone – University of Leeds) International Comparative Media Project – ‘The Analysis of Minority Representation in British Media’- €35,000. (01/01/08 – 30/12/08)
The Finnish Academy (with Professor Tom Moring, University of Helsinki: Project Director) ‘Bilingualism, Identity and the Media in Inter and Intra-Cultural Comparisons - €300,000. (01/01/08 – 31/12/2010)
March, 2004 - 2006 ; £51,273 from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation – ‘Giving a Voice to the hidden Research Subject’: (C.Husband Project Director, with Mr. Yunis Alam.



Husband, C and Alam, Y. (2011) Social Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism: A Policy Contradiction? Bristol: Policy Press.
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Husband, C. (1994) (ed) A Richer Vision: The Development of Ethnic Minority Media in Western Democracies, London: Unesco/John Libbey.
Husband, C. (ed) (1987) 'Race' in Britain : Continuity and Change, Second Edition, London:Hutchinson.
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Recent Journal Articles:

Moring,T; Husband, C, Lojander-Visapaa, C; Vincze, L; Fomina, J and Manty, N. ( 2010) ‘Media Use and Ethnolinguistic Vitality in Bilingual Communities.’ Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, Vol 32, No. 2 march 2011, pp 169 - 186
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Husband,C (2009) ‘Between Listening and Understanding’ Continuum:Journal of Media and Cultural Studies. Vol 23 No 4 pp 441 – 443
Simpson,L. Husband ,C and Alam,Y. (2009) ’Recognizing Complexity, Challenging Pessimism: The caseof Bradford’s Urban Dynamics’ Urban Studies Vol 46 (9) pp 1995 – 2001
Moring, T. and Husband, C. (2007) ‘The Contribution of Swedish Language Media in Finland to Linguistic Vitality’, in International Journal of the Sociology of Language. Vol. 187, pp. 75-101
Husband, C. (2007) ‘Social Work in an Ethnically Diverse Europe. The Shifting Challenges of Difference’ in Social Work and Society. Vol. 5, 2007, pp.1-18
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Husband, C. (2003) ‘Una Buena Práctica Sigilosa, Aunque Flirteando Con El Racismo’, in Migraciones, Vol. 14, December 2003, pp. 145-179
Husband, C. and Alam, Y. (2002) ‘Beyond the Rhetoric of Codes of Practice: ethnicity and Media Monitoring Reviewed’ in Nord-Sud aktuell, Jahrgang XV, No. 4, 2001, pp. 680-691
Husband, C. (2000) ‘Recognising Diversity and Developing Skills : the proper role of transcultural communication’, European Journal of Social Work Vol. 3, No. 2 pp 225-234, 2000
Husband, C. (2000) ‘Beyond Contesting Racism: Imagining the Polyethnic Media Environment’, Media Development Vol. XLVII 2/2000 pp 11-14

Recent Chapters in Books:

Husband, C. ( 2011) ‘Solidaarisuuden Haasteet Monikulttuurisissa Yhteiskunnissa’ in A. Laitinen and A.B.Pessi (eds) Solidaarisuus Helsinki Gaudeamus pp 42 – 244
Husband, C. and Moring,T ( 2009) ‘Public Spheres and Multiculturalism in Europe’ in I. Salovaara- Moring (ed) Manufacturing Europe: Spaces of Democracy,,Diversity and Communication. Goteborg Nordicom
Husband,C and Moring, T ( 2008) ‘Eurooppalaisia eroja: julkisuuden muodostamisen monet ulottuvuudet nykypaivan Euroopassa’ in H.Niemenen,K.Karppinen and T, Mora (eds) Onko Euroopa Olemassa. Helsinki Guadeamus
Markelin, L. and Husband, C. (2007) ‘The Sami Media, State Broadcasting and Transnational Indigeneity’, in O.G. Bailey, M. Georgiou and R. Harindranath (2007) Transnational Lives and the Media: re-imaging diaspora. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
Husband, C. (2007) ‘Social Work in an Ethnically Diverse Europe: The Shifting Challenges of Difference’, in F.W. Seibel, H-U, Otto, and G.J. Friesenhahn Reframing the Social. Ostrava: ECSPRESSEdition
Husband, C. ‘Doing Good by Stealth, Whilst Flirting with Racism. Some Contradictory Dynamics of British Multiculturalism’, in W. Bosswick & C. Husband (eds.) Comparative European Research in Migration, Diversity and Identities. Bilbao: University of Deusto
Husband, C. (2004) ‘The Politics of Diversity’ in C. Husband and B. Torry (eds.) Transcultural Healthcare Practice: an Educational Resource for Nurses and Health Care Practitioners. London: Royal College of Nurses (an extensive web-based distance learning programme edited by Charles Husband and Bren Torry )
Husband, C. (2003) Contradictory Dynamics within British Multiculturalism: pursuing ethnic pluralism while excluding asylum seekers, in D. Turton and J. Gonzalez (eds.) Immigration in Europe. Bilbao, University of Deusto, pp. 191-206
Husband, C. (2002) Diasporic Identities and Diasporic Economies: the case of minority ethnic media, in M. Mariniello and B. Piquard Diversity in the City. Bilbao: University of Deusto p. 153-168
Husband, C. (2001) Uber den Kampf gegen Rassismus Linaus : Entwurf einer polyethnischen Medienlandschaft - in B. Busch; B. Hipfl; K. Robins (eds) Bewegte Identitaten : Medienin transkulturellen Kontexten. Klagenfurt: Drava
Recent Conference and Seminar Paper:

Husband , C ( 2010) ‘ Community Cohesion Policies in the Context of Counter-terrorism: A Contradiction? CRONEM Conference University of Surrey June 2010
Moring , T and Husband C. ‘ Bilingualism, Identity and the Media in Intra and Inter-group Cultural Comparisons’. Round Table on Heteroglossic Media Spaces. University of Vienna, May 2010
Husband, C and Fomina, J ‘ Inhabiting Heteroglossic Media Spaces: Intragroup tensions, Identity Construction and the language- media interface of ‘Bradfordian Poles’ Round Table on Heteroglossic
media Spaces. University of Vienna, May 2010
Husband, C ‘ Community Cohesion and Counter-Terrorism. The British Case. International Symposium on Community Cohesion in the Context of Counter Terrorism. Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies September 2009.
Jakubowicz,A. and Husband, C. ‘Home Brew: a comparative examination of the UK and Australia’s strategies in relation to domestic threats of communal violence’ Global Diversity Conference Riga 18 June 2009
’Practical Journalism and Academic Scholarship’ : presentation Sami University College, Kautokeino, Norway 19 Feb 2009.
‘The Scope for a Masters Degree in Indigenous Journalism, Presentation to the Hearing on a Proposed Masters in Indigenous Journalism, Karasjok, Norway, 23 Feb 2009
Husband,C. ‘Between Listening and Understanding:’. Keynote paper to the seminar on ‘Listening’, University of Technology, Sydney, November ,2008
Husband C ‘Social Cohesion, Diversity and Substantive Equality’, invited paper to: The National Sector-Led Forum on Community Cohesion and Integration. Bradford: 27th November, 2007.
Husband, C. and Moring, T. (2007) ‘Public Sphere and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Europe’. The Conference – The European Public Sphere: Uniting and Dividing? University of Helsinki: 21st August, 2007
C. Husband ‘Diasporic Identities: Academic Analyses and Politicised Ethnicities’. Keynote address to the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) Conference – ‘Mediations of Cultural Difference: Debating Media and Diversity’. University of Leeds: 7th September, 2007.
The Media, Diversities and the Multiethnic Public Sphere: plenary paper to conference The Mosaic of Multiculturalism: Pieces Falling? Changing Perceptions and Reality in Britain. Goodenough College, London. 17th & 18th November, 2006.
‘The Coalition of Cities Against Racism: combining power and knowledge at the local level’: plenary paper to Making Positive Action Work Conference. University of Bradford. 18th July, 2006.
‘Identity and Agency in the Multi-Ethnic Public Sphere: a centripetal right to participate or an inclusive obligation to understand’: International Communication Association Conference, Dresden, Germany. 22nd June, 2006

‘Identity, Media and the Public Sphere’: an invited plenary paper to the seminar: Race and Media in Comparative Perspective. Global Media Research Centre – Southern Illinois University, U.S.A. 24th March, 2006
‘International Support to Local Authorities in the Promotion of Peace Building and Security’ – invited presentation to the UN-Habitat Conference – The Role of Local Authorities in Promoting Peace – held at Nevsehir, Cappodicia, Turkey; 25-28 September, 2005
‘Substantive Equality as a Practical Expression of Universal Human Rights’ – an invited closing address to the Unesco 2005 International Human Rights Conference: ‘Living Together – the European Coalition of Cities Against Racism’. Nuremberg, 23 – 24 September, 2005

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