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Visual Optics and Myopia

Ocular biometry and refractive error.

Myopia is becoming increasingly common, particularly in the Far-East. Inherited factors do not fully explain the increase in myopia prevalence that has been evident over the last few decades. Ocular biometric studies, using the IOLMaster for example, show that elongation of the axial length of the eye is the principal structural correlate of myopia. Our research in corneal topography has been used to correct myopia using custom-made rigid contact lenses.

There is increasing evidence for the role of environmental factors, e.g. nearwork, in the onset and progression of myopia. Our research group is particularly interested in the role of the following factors in myopia progression:

  •       Peripheral ocular dimensions
  •       Diurnal variation in eye size
  •       Exposure to defocus
  •       Task illumination
  •       Accommodation
  •       Visual display unit use
  •       Orthokeratology

occular abberations image