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Visual Electrodiagnostic Testing Unit

The Visual Electrodiagnostic Testing Service (VETS) is located within the Bradford School of Optometry & Vision Sciences (BSOVS) at the University of Bradford. Our aim is to provide a high quality visual electrodiagnostic testing service for ophthalmologists in the W. Yorkshire region which is embedded into the existing academic research and clinical infrastructure of the University.

The service provides the full range of diagnostic tests that are typically required by ophthalmologists in their diagnosis and management of people with a variety of hereditary and acquired disorders of the visual system. Tests performed include: visual evoked potential (VEP) recording, pattern and flash electro-retinography (PERG and ERG) and electro-oculography (EOG). All testing protocols conform to current clinical (ISCEV) standards.

electrodiagnostic testing

Contact Prof. Declan McKeefry.