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Research Students

Some of our research students can be found here: Archaeological Sciences ¦ Medical Sciences ¦ Pharmacy ¦ Vision Science

Vision Science

Corinne Fulcher

Project Title: The neural mechanisms of human time perception

Supervisors: Dr James Heron and Prof David Whitaker

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Niall Hynes

Project title: Applications of adaptive optics on the study of accommodation and convergence in the human visual system

Supervisors: Prof Edward Mallen and Dr Matt Cufflin

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Heshow Jamal

Project title: Peripheral refractive error and its association with myopic distance refractive development and progression in children

Supervisors: Prof Edward Mallen and Prof Brendan Barrett

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John Maguire

Project title: Isolation of the rod response using silent substitution

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Samantha Strong

Project title: Functional Subdivisions of Human Motion-Sensitive Visual Cortex: A Series of fMRI-Guided rTMS Studies

Supervisors: Prof. Declan McKeefry, Prof. Tony Morland, André Gouws, Dr. Edward Silson

Samantha Strong

Caroline Wilson

Project title: Profiling of children with reading difficulties

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Pat Friis

Project title: Impact of amblyopia and visual fatigue on literacy in children

Supervisors: Dr Alison Bruce, Prof Brendan Barrett and Prof Marina Bloj

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