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Patient and public involvement

Our research is guided by our Patient-led steering group, Chaired by Mr Robert Turner. They have a specific role in our research, which is as follows:

  • Advise and support recruitment and design of data collection instruments and data analysis for all work streams.
  • Advise on ethical considerations.
  • Advise on implementation and governance of Experience-based Co-design.
  • Contribute to the intervention modelling expert panel.
  • Review the e-learning discharge module.
  • Provide patient/carer critical opinion on the barriers and facilitators to implementation of the ISCOMAT intervention.
  • Co-review intervention components prior to the main trial.
  • Consider and advise on those components of the intervention that might be used by other patients with long term conditions.

To contact our patient-led steering group, please get in touch with Hanif Ismail