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Research in the unit is directed by Steve Dockrill and Julie Bond.

North Atlantic Research Unit

  • Daniel Bashford
  • Julia Cussans
  • Dr Zoe Outram

Specialists and Collaborators

  • Dr Simun Arge Faroese National Archaeologist
  • Dr Colleen Batey Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Cathy Batt Senior Lecturer, University of Bradford
  • Dr Gerry Bigelow Lecturer, Bates College, US
  • Dr Mike Church Lecturer, University of Durham
  • Dr Jane Downes Senior Lecturer, Orkney College
  • Ragnar Edvardsson Iceland
  • Julie Gibson Orkney Archaeologist
  • Dr Tom McGovern Professor, Hunter College of The City University of New York, US
  • Dr Rebecca Nicholson Environmental Archaeology Manager, Oxford Archaeology
  • Dr Ian Simpson Professor, University of Stirling
  • Val Turner Shetland Archaeologist

Research Associates

  • Alan Braby Field Supervisor
  • Ruth Maher Field Survey & GIS Specialist

Postgraduate Research Students

  • Antony Mustchin University of Bradford 'The Westward Viking Expansion: A Study in Population Reconstruction'
  • John Summers University of Bradford (AHRC) 'Cooking and Society in the Iron Age of the Northern Isles'