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Profiling proteomic changes in multicell tumour spheroids

A total quantitative proteomics strategy is used to detect changes in protein profile during transformation from active proliferating cells to hypoxia in multicell tumour spheroids — working in collaboration with Dr Roger Phillips.

Multicell tumour spheroids

Protein extracts from different spheroid regions are trypsin digested, iTRAQ labelled and the resulting peptides separated in two dimensions, (1) OffGel (Agilent) isoelectric focusing and (2) RP nanoHPLC (Dionex).  Download an iTRAQ strategy ‌ (pdf, 45KB).

In collaboration with Dr Yonghong Peng of the School of Computing, we are developing networks of metabolic pathways that are up-and down regulated in hypoxia using the multicell tumour spheroid.

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