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What can I expect as a PhD student in Health at the University of Bradford?


You will receive excellent guidance, advice and support from experienced, knowledgeable and approachable supervisors on a regular basis.

"My supervisor has been absolutely brilliant in providing the guidance, support and challenge that I have needed throughout my research. I always come away from supervision with a clear sense of next steps and thoughts about how to make my studies meaningful."

"Supervision has been excellent and i have been able to grow as a researcher with appropriate and timely support."

"My supervisors are very different from each other, which is beneficial as they both bring something different to the relationship."

What our students say
from the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey

Peer support

We have a community of PhD students who share a dedicated office space.

You will meet as a group on a monthly basis with the Director of Postgraduate Research to discuss issues, progress and concerns.

You will have the opportunity to join our forums to share our learning including action learning sets and journal clubs which involve regular meetings in small groups.

We also arrange annual poster presentations to provide you the opportunity to share your research and learn from other students.


"I'm the sort of person who needs other people to work with. There are often people who are fairly good at studying alone and I'm not one of those. Having a room full of students all having the same ideas, issues, thoughts, feelings – we might all be on different paths of our journey but it's a really supportive process, so that's been good for me. The Research Office is a nice place to work, it's a nice environment, it’s been really good and I've found it really supportive."

Fiona Meddings
Part-time PhD student


In summer 2011, the Faculty of Health Studies relocated to the University's City Campus, marking a £6 million investment in health at Bradford. Our new building forms a gateway to the campus and is equipped with state-of-the-art practice simulation suites and study areas.

You will be offered a work station, storage facilities and access to printing, in our large, purpose built area dedicated to PhD students. You will also have the use of a meeting ‘pod’ room including a webcam which is ideal for students to arrange face to face and skype meetings.

The wider University has a new PGR lounge where you will be able to join in activities related to the wider PGR community.

Training and development

As a new student you can expect a comprehensive induction programme to welcome you to the Faculty of Health Studies and wider university.

You will also be offered the opportunity to sign up for Vitae, a website dedicated to creating a UK development framework for postgraduate researchers and research staff in higher education institutions. This will help you to identify your learning needs in relation to knowledge, behaviour and attributes of successful researchers.

As a university, we currently offer nearly 100 short courses and modules from which you will be able to select those which meet your learning needs. These are designed for distant and part time as well as full time students based in Bradford.

Within the Faculty of Health you will be able to choose from a selection of lunchtime seminars aimed specifically at students undertaking health related research. You will also be encouraged to identify appropriate external development opportunities that will support your learning.

We will carefully monitor your progress to ensure as a university, we are meeting your learning needs.

"The 4 day systematic review training is brilliant. Would recommend to any PhD student."

"Very clear, well structured, comprehensive."

What our students say