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Waleed Al Nadabi

Full Time PhD Student

Waleed Al Nadabi

Research title: Applying Statistical Process Control (SPC) to improve performance in Omani Health Care institutions

Supervisors: Dr Bryan McIntosh and Dr Barbara McNamara

I am a medical doctor by profession graduated in 2003. My interest in quality improvement initiatives developed during my work as a medical doctor after observing wide scale improvements as a result of simple measures. In 2008, I got my master degree in health care quality management form the University of Birmingham. Since then, I have been in different quality related positions in a number of tertiary care hospitals. In 2012, I was appointed as the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation department at the central level responsible for developing and monitoring the national health indicators.

Working with indicator and targets raised a question about their usefulness in decision-making and future planning. I believed that the Ministry of Health should be looking for a monitoring tool that will better inform the decision making process. My PhD is a journey that started in October 2015 towards applying the statistical process control in the Omani health care institutions hoping to show a positive impact in performance.