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Sarra Blackman

Part-time Extramural MPhil Student

Sarra Blackman

Supervisors: Dr. Sahdia Parveen and Professor Catriona Morrison

Research topic: I have yet to finalise my research title, however my research will be looking in to the impact of chronic pain on memory function in dementia. My thoughts regarding this are that chronic pain suppresses hippocampal function with its role in memory formation/retrieval and results in the world becoming a more confusing place. This presents as increased confusion, agitation and in some cases aggression resulting in inappropriate treatments due to the lack of understanding into the cause. My hope is that this research will encourage professionals to treat chronic pain pro-actively rather than waiting for pain symptoms to present.

I have been interested in the fields of memory and chronic pain since undertaking my undergraduate degree. I have gone on to train as a Mental Health Nurse and now work in a Berkshire Memory Clinic. I have worked in the field of older adult mental health since training and have worked in a variety of settings where experience has fortified my theories regarding this subject. As well as this my passion for the subject area has grown with my observations. I am very keen to see where this research takes me and am aware that I have a lot of growth ahead of me. Bradford has such a positive reputation regarding their dementia programmes that I am very excited to be working here and looking forward to building on my skill set and learning more about the subject area and about myself.