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Huda Alnaqi

Full-time PhD student

Huda Alnaqi

Research Title: Analysing the impact of introducing the safety huddle practice in the wards within the government hospitals of Kuwait.

Supervisors: Dr. Bryan McItosh, Prod Mohamed Mohamed

Being a medical student, it was definitely not my first idea of pursuing health care management as my field of specialty. However, when I interned as an Assistant Registrar at Amiri hospital in Kuwait for a period of about one year, I realized that a lot more goes into running a hospital than providing medical assistance. I understood that to run such an organisation smoothly on a day-to-day basis, it needs very industry specific management skills. That is when I decided that I would like to pursue a degree specializing in health care management.

Since then I have enrolled into the Master’s programme that is provided by your esteemed University, the University of Bradford, so as to facilitate my interest in pursuing a career in health care management sector.

In my time in the Masters programme at the University of Bradford, I have been able to appreciate the importance of the subject even more. I have learnt that the industry needs a complex balance of leadership, supervision and coordination.

As I completed my Master’s degree, I am convinced that I should narrow down my area of interest further so that I can develop my understanding of a particular area of the industry. I am particularly interested in improving quality and safety in the Kuwaiti government hospitals. In the healthcare industry, the ultimate destination is the achievement of zero patient harm and higher patient safety, which can be possible through implementation of safety huddles and creation of safety culture. My research will help the government hospital of Kuwait to attain this destination by providing required facts and figure, which also increase the financial stability and reputation of the healthcare facility. Moreover, the proposed research study will be useful to improve the perception of patient safety at government hospitals of Kuwait, as the safety culture of these hospitals will be discussed by highlighting the daily safety huddles. Moreover, the role of safety huddles in the reduction of preventable harm will be emphasized to increase the risk awareness among health care staff. In the long run, this study will be beneficial to create a safety culture at the organizational level by increasing the knowledge about safety huddles and enhancing the safety zone of government hospitals.