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Hisham Kelendar

Full time PhD student

Research Title: A Roadmap for developing lean Hospital Strategy In Kuwait to improved efficiency: An empirical study of the Impact of lean thinking on Kuwait health services environment

Supervisors: Dr. Bryan Mcintosh, Prof Mohamed Mohammed and Dr. Muhammad Faisal

My journey started when I decided to study Medicine. Working closely with doctors, studying medical texts and looking after patients; gave me my first taste of the healthcare process. As a medical student, I was captivated by the idea that providing care without the quality of care assurance is defected. This had driven my interest toward healthcare management and made me thrive to investigate this field.

In 2009 Just one year after I graduated from the Kuwait medical school as a medical doctor, I decided to work as a quality physician in the Quality and Accreditation Directorate at Kuwait Ministry of Health. This directorate responsible for six general governmental hospitals with more than 6000 beds covering around 3 million populations. My main responsibility was promoting quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the organization. The directorate I work for aims to ensure that the products and services our organization provides is fit for its purpose and meets customer expectations. As a quality assurance manager, I coordinate the activities required to meet this aim. I also, monitor and advise on how the quality management system is performing and publish data and reports regarding organization performance against set indicators. Where appropriate, I give advises on changes and their implementation and provide training, tools and techniques to enable others to achieve quality. Fuelled by the desire to develop my skills further in the field of healthcare management and leadership, in 2016, I got my Master degree in International Health Management from the University of Bradford.

Furthermore, Being such an intimate witness of the attempt to flourish the healthcare system in Kuwait left me with a deep sense of determination to did a research in the area of healthcare service improvement .In order to complete my academic Journey, in 2016 I granted a Ph.D. Position to study in more depth the efficiency of healthcare services in Kuwait using lean philosophy. Since the excellence of any organization lies in how efficient, effective and safe the healthcare services is provided. there is certainly academical needs for Kuwait healthcare higher authority to analysis the current situation of the quality and efficiency of the healthcare services. Building on that, thinking strategically and scientifically on how could healthcare services could be provided more efficiently in the future is a must. Trying filling such agape, My Ph.D. journey started in 2016 with a research title: A Roadmap for developing lean Hospital Strategy In Kuwait to improved efficiency (An empirical study of the Impact of lean thinking on Kuwait health services environment).