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Research Alumni

Dr Laura Middleton-Green (2018)

  • An exploration of influences on the recognition of suffering by healthcare professionals caring for the dying patient
  • Professor Jan Oyebode and Dr Andrea Capstick

Dr Jane Wray (2017)

  • Perceptions of culturally competent practice behaviour by new registrants in nursing
  • Professor Udy Archibong and Dr Sean Walton (University of Salford)

Dr Fiona Meddings (2017)

  • Reviewing marking, grading and assessment processes of written student essays
  • Mr Peter Hughes (Centre for Educational Development, University of Bradford) and Dr Sean Walton (University of Salford)

Dr Jenny La Fontaine (2017)

  • A longitudinal exploration of the experience of behavioural variant fronto-temporal dementia in intergenerational families
  • Supervisors: Prof Jan Oyebode and Prof Maryann Hardy

Dr Jae Hargan (2017)

  • Performance of students with unseen disabilities within Health and Social Work placements
  • Supervisors: Dr Melanie Cooper and Dr Christine Dearnley (University of Huddersfield)

Dr Toyosi Kuforiji (2017)

  • Exploring the Maternity Ward Attendants' perceptions of occupational (work related) stress and coping methods adopted within maternity care settings (hospital) in Nigeria
  • Supervisors: Prof Gwendolen Bradshaw and Dr Julie Prowse

Dr Shehla Khalid (2016)

  • Designing a data warehouse for Dementia Care mapping (DCM); from users’ data needs to conceptual data models
  • Supervisors: Professor Neil Small, Professor Claire Surr (Leeds Beckett University) and Professor Daniel Neagu (Faculty of Engineering & Informatics, University of Bradford)

Dr Colin Ayre (2016)

  • An investigation into the delay to diagnosis following anterior cruciate ligament injury
  • Supervisors: Professor Maryann Hardy and Andy Scally

Dr Rose Peacock (2015)

  • Friends, Family and Faces: Exploring Relationships of People with Facial Differences
  • Supervisors: Professor Neil Small and Dr Anita Sargeant

Dr Iram Gul (2015)

  • To Examine Level of Social Support Available to Patients Having Suffered Myocardial Infarction and Determine its Impact on Post Event Depression
  • Supervisors: Professor Neil Small and Professor Maryann Hardy

Dr Ahmed Elhain (2013)

  • An investigation of the influence of radiographic malpositioning and image processing algorithm selection on ICU/CCU chest radiographs (MPhil)
  • Supervisors: Andy Scally and Prof Neil Small

Dr Beverly Snaith (2013)

  • Development of the Radiography Evidence Base: An examination of advancing practice (PhD by PUblication)
  • Mentor: Prof Neil Small

Dr Dianne Gove (2013)

  • General Practitioners' perceptions of Dementia and how they relate to stigma
  • Supervisors: Prof Murna Downs and Prof Neil Small

Dr Melanie Cooper (2011)

  • Meeting the health and social needs of pregnant asylum seekers; midwifery students' perspectives
  • Supervisors: Prof Brigid Featherstone and Prof Gwendolen Bradshaw
  • This study examined the way in which midwifery students' constructed a pregnant asylum seeker's health and social needs, the dominant discourses that influenced their constructions and subsequently designed a new model for midwifery education; "the pregnant women with the global context", to be implemented into midwifery education programmes.

Dr Tracey McClelland (2011)

  • A multi-method study identifying the barriers and solutions to meeting the physical and psychological health needs of young people involved in or vulnerable to sexual exploitation
  • Supervisor: Prof Rob Newell
  • A study to address the health risks, health needs and health seeking behaviours of young people involved in or vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

Dr J E Rutty (2010)

  • The meaning of being a nurse involved in the work of death investigation
  • Supervisor: Prof Jeff Lucas
  • A North American view and its implications to practice in England.

Dr J Marran (2010)

  • Anxiety and its Management During Awake Procedures in Operating Theatres: A Survey and Randomised Controlled Trial
  • Supervisors: Prof Rob Newell and Dr Caroline Plews
  • Investigation of the prevalence of peri-operative anxiety and the effective management of intra-operative anxiety during awake surgery.

Dr Fiona Macvane (2010)

  • Midwifery Knowledge and the Medical Student Experience
  • Supervisors: Prof Rob Newell, Prof Gwendolen Bradshaw and Prof Neil Small
  • Working with midwives is arguably the only opportunity medical students have to experience holistic or social models of maternity care, focussing on normality rather than on the medical concept of risk. This Delphi study sought to discover how medical students constructed their knowledge about childbirth.

Dr S Lungaro-Mifsud (2009)

  • Understanding Delay: A Grounded Theory Examination of the Pre-Diagnostic Journey of Individuals with Malignant Melanoma
  • Supervisor: Prof A Topping
  • An exploration of the pre-diagnostic experiences of individuals diagnosed with malignant melanoma, mapping their journey from problem awareness to diagnosis in order to illuminate the influences on delayed presentation.

Dr Gerry Armitage (2008)

  • An examination of factors contributing to drug errors and their reporting in an acute hospitals trust
  • Supervisor: Prof Rob Newell

Dr Rob Monks (2007)

  • A grounded theory study of the experiences of illicit drug users and nurses caring for them on medical wards
  • Supervisor: Prof Rob Newell

Dr Lucy Ziegler (2007)

  • Psychosocial difficulties in head and neck cancer: the development of a measurement instrument
  • Supervisor: Prof Rob Newell

Dr Nicole Pawson (2007)

  • Exploring the transition of school and college leavers with learning disabilities: with special reference to ethnicity
  • Supervisors: Prof Neil Small and Dr Ragu Raghavan

Dr Joanne Harrison (2006)

  • Living with Schizophrenia
  • Supervisor: Prof Rob Newell and Prof Neil Small

Dr Lesley Dewhurst (2004)

  • Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: how do they construct their world?
  • Supervisor: Prof Neil Small

Dr Maryann Hardy (2004)

  • Accidental Injuries in Primary School Aged Children
  • Supervisor: Prof Rob Newell

Dr Michael Lowry (2004)

  • Becoming a graduate nurse: Exploring personal learning experiences of final year students
  • Supervisors: Prof Udy Archibong and Prof Neil Small

Dr Doreen Kenworthy (2004)

  • The impact of loss on midwives: still birth the lived experience
  • Supervisor: Prof Udy Archibong

Dr Ian Hodgson (2003)

  • Myth and HIV - cultural narrative and the construction of HIV and AIDS
  • Supervisors: Prof Neil Small and Dr J Littlewood

Dr Christine Barrett (2003)

  • The plexus of nursing knowledge: A descriptive investigation of nursing knowledge, related to the assessment of adult patients with a skin disorder receiving ultra-violet light therapy
  • Supervisors: Prof Neil Small, Dr S Errser