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Other Gender Equality Initiatives



There are various gender equality initiatives that support the development, progression, and return to work of staff across the university. Some of these initiatives have been introduced, funded, or supported by GENOVATE, while others are key aspects of GENOVATE’s Gender Equality Actions Plans within specific faculties.

Athena SWAN

The Athena SWAN Charter recognizes and celebrates good practice towards the advancement of gender equality. The university has been a member of the Athena SWAN Charter since 2013 and applied for institutional bronze in 2015. The action plan, that accompanied the submission, contains challenging targets and measures developed under the key themes of:

  • The self-assessment team and future plans for Athena SWAN work
  • Actions arising from student and staff data
  • Recruitment and promotions/career transition points
  • Career development
  • Organisational culture
  • Work-life balance and managing career breaks

Aurora Leadership Programme

Aurora is designed to help early career academics to consider leadership and management as routes to progression. GENOVATE is supporting a number of female staff across the university to participate in the Aurora programme.

Aurora addresses core areas associated with leadership success, including:

  • Understanding organisations and the sector
  • Developing leadership behaviours, skills and knowledge
  • Identifying and overcoming barriers and obstacles
  • Growing confidence and a leadership identity
  • Building networks, coalitions and support processes

Learning Partnership Programmes

Involving partnerships organised by research/teaching interests. These provide the opportunity to create partnerships that can lead to mutual learning. Learning partnership programmes involves cross–boundary learning to support development and progression for both men and women.

Opportunities for:

  • Academics to partner with PhD students;
  • Early Career Researchers to partner with senior academics;
  • Teaching only lecturers who do not have a PhD to work towards a PhD by publications;
  • New career academics to apply for seed corn funding to setup research projects.

Academic Trajectory Analysis Project

GENOVATE is working alongside HR to explore academic trajectory of senior academics. This project will inform promotion policy review, provide data required for monitoring, and support the transformation of progression policies. The project includes two parts:

  • Phase 1: Quantitative data collection and analysis with support from HR
  • Phase 2: One to One life story interviews with Readers and Professors at the University

Career Break Project

GENOVATE is working alongside HR on the career break project that will provide the data required for monitoring, support towards transition and progression polices, and benchmarking of maternity, paternity and parental leave entitlements with competitors. It complements the existing research undertaken by HR into maternity pay, particularly in support of research staff as they tackle staying competitive in the REF while meeting parental needs.

Developmental Writing Activities

These include skill-focused writing workshops, writing boot-camps, and writing retreats. Developmental writing activities offer:

  • Opportunities to develop research and writing skills, and build a portfolio of publications necessary to career success.
  • Support and advice needed to understand how to rise up the academic career ladder.