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About Genovate



GENOVATE is a FP7 funded action-research project coordinated by the University of Bradford, it aims to transform organisational culture for the advancement of equality of opportunity for men and women in research and innovation.

The project is based on the implementation of Gender Equality Action Plans (GEAP) in six European universities with on-going evaluation provided by one other partner European university.


The GENOVATE consortium brings together diverse experience in gender mainstreaming approaches. Each of the institutions shares common challenges related to gender equality in research and innovation and all have identified three common areas for intervention:

  • Recruitment, progression and research support
  • Working environment, work-life balance and institutional culture
  • Standards and diversity in research excellence and innovation

The University of Bradford (UNIBRADGENOVATE Team will address these areas through the implementation of individually tailored GEAP's. The GEAP's will build on existing structures and policies where relevant, or develop new systems and practices where appropriate.

Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objective

  • To ensure equal opportunities for women and men by encouraging a more gender-competent management in research, innovation and scientific decision-making bodies, with a particular focus on universities. The aims are:
  1. To implement innovative, locally-appropriate, structural, cultural and sustainable strategies for change in universities and research organisations to better support gender diversity and equal opportunities in research and innovation for men and women
  2. To promote the ways in which gender equality and diversity benefit excellence in research and innovation as well as sustainable growth
  3. To facilitate meaningful knowledge exchange between European universities with very different levels of experience in relation to implementing actions for gender-competent management in research and innovation
  4. To involve key stakeholders in supporting and promoting change for gender-competent research management
  5. To develop and widely disseminate a sound management approach for abolishing gender inequalities and contributing to the improvement of working conditions for male and female researchers

What GENOVATE will do for staff?

  • Offer staff the opportunity to be involved in institutional and faculty Gender Equality Action plans (GEAP's)
  • Assist in development of projects tailored to schools priorities with contribution from the UNIBRAD team
  • Contribute to Athena SWAN activities
  • Work with HR to refine current policies and practices following feedback from staff across the university
  • Offer personal and professional development by introducing a social model for gender equality,  which is developed using a change academy approach, and previously successful in other changes across the university.
  • Support knowledge exchange activities across the university and within faculties
  • Encourage, promote and support collaborative and inclusive research
  • Provide wider networking opportunities for women and men across the university and other higher education institutions nationally and internationally
  • Provide leadership development opportunities for staff, including funding for a limited number of external leadership development activities

Further information can be found on the European GENOVATE Website.