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Research Projects

The research our business partners usually benefit from fit into three main themes:

  • social engineering
  • information security
  • penetration testing

Research in these themes span the University with contributions in cryptography, ethical hacking, forensic analysis, network security, operations and technology management, national and international security, and digital healthcare. This combination of University expertise is unique to Bradford and offers the potential to design novel solutions tailored to your needs.

Radicalisation, online grooming, and phishing attacks are commonplace in today's world leading to a recent focus on social engineering for universities. We are at the forefront of this shift, with over ten years of social engineering research experience. Combining social and technology engineering knowledge means we can review both people and systems and develop solutions that reduce the risks across the board.

There are a few ways you can access our research. Innovate UK work with universities and businesses to offer a variety of funding packages including the most successful knowledge transfer programme in Europe: Knowldge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), which can pay up to 50% of your project costs.  We have over 25 years of experience delivering this scheme. See our funding page.

You can also pay outright for an academic to carry out a research project on your behalf or partner with an academic to apply for grant funding that will progress their research and enhance your business at the same time.

View some of the industry projects we have been working on.