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Our research blog hosts articles written by our academics on their research strengths, or stories written about our researchers and their successes.

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13 Academics 

A new series of research articles from 13 academics at the University of Bradford. Coming soon:

Articles : 

  • CGI and cave paintings
  • Midwifery and the DAISI app
  • Drone swarms
  • 5G
  • Getting to space

Featured Academics :

  • Gisela Helfer
  • Marina Bloj
  • Melanie Cooper
  • Sankar Sivarajah
  • Ana Cristina Costa
  • Dhaval Thakker
  • Rob Falconer
  • Catherine Quinn
  • Fun Hu
  • Dennis Lam
  • Andrew Wilson
  • Engobo Emeseh
  • Fiona Macauley