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Visiting Research Fellowships

JEFCAS is a forward-looking research environment where academics, researchers, educators, policy practitioners, military and security professionals, public and private sector entities come to gain and share knowledge on contemporary African issues that focus on the nexus of peace, war, conflict, security, development, political economy, governance and environmental issues.

JEFCAS provides the intellectual, academic and research base to host, for a duration of three months to one year, the following categories of Visiting Research Fellowship:

  • Visiting Doctoral (PhD) Research Fellowship
    • August to October 2013; visiting fellow: Emma Elfversson, University of Uppsala 
  • Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • Visiting Senior Research Fellowship
    • 2014-2015 Prof. Kenneth Omeje 

JEFCAS provides the following: office / workspace with access to computer and printer; access to University Library and Sports facilities; Research / Academic Mentor and audit of Graduate Courses.

The prospective Visiting Fellow will cover the following costs: all travel costs; accommodation and subsistence; medical insurance; travel visa and University Visiting Research Fellowship fee.

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