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Education for Peace Programme (EfP) 

Since 2001, the Centre has promoted Peace and Conflict Studies capacity building with African Universities through its Education for Peace (EfP) Programme. The two key strands of the EfP have been partnership with universities and Military and Police Forces in Transition Societies (i.e. conflict-prone, war-torn and post-conflict societies). The primary objective is to work with partner universities and agencies to integrate peace and conflict studies curriculum into their existing curricula. A key objective of this EfP collaborative partnership is to develop multi-level instructional materials for peace education as well as staff development and exchange.

The EfP programme capacity building partnerships have led to the establishment of Peace Research / Education for Peace degree programmes and Short Course Training Programmes at 18 African Universities in 12 countries as well as 4 specialist Peace and Conflict Management Institutes / Centre in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Ethiopia.