Selfhood, Identity and Society

Module code: SAC4024-B

The module aims to introduce students to a range of interdisciplinary theoretical approaches, which conceptualized the reciprocal relationship between individuals, groups and social institutions, and the construction and formation of Self- Consciousness and Identity within such structures. Students will explore the tensions and multi-layered complexities of 'Selfhood' and 'Identity' in Sociology and related disciplines. Moreover, throughout the module, there is a particular focus on applications and lived experiences. Students will learn about the major traditions and figures within the field of Selfhood and Identity; however, seminars will critically discuss and emphasise the modern applications (with reference to contemporary research) of said figures. As this is an interdisciplinary module, we will also explore how 'lived experiences' around self-identity are also reflected and written into literary fiction. Download the PDF for SAC4024-B_2023_4.pdf