Decolonising Social Life

Module code: SAC4022-B

This module places emphasis upon the application of social concepts and theories for the purposes of academic inquiry, research and practice. It aims to: 1. Demonstrate the uses of theory in the context of social inquiry, research and reflexive theorization about social issues and problems. 2. Describe dominant ways of thinking about the social world and explain the role of methodological traditions in the process of knowledge production. 3. Facilitate understanding through research and the practical application of academic skills. 4. Develop learners' reflexive understanding of social theory through complementary and/or contemporary conceptualizations of the social. 5. Support experiential knowing of the social world through the concept of the Sociological Imagination. 6. Provide an introduction to some of the ways in which social scientists/researchers work with participatory and community engagement practices to address public issues and problems. Download the PDF for SAC4022-B_2023_4.pdf