Key Themes and Thinkers in Sociology

Module code: SAC4020-B

This module aims to: 1. Locate the disciplinary origins of Sociology. 2. Discuss the impact of Enlightenment upon the discipline of Sociology. 3. Provide an overview of key sociological theories, concepts and interpretative lenses. 4. Explain social organization and reveal relationships of structure/agency. 5. Demonstrate the uses of evidence in sociological inquiry. 6. Promote a reflexive approach to understanding society through lived experience. 7. Discuss the continuing influence, relevance and explanatory potential of classical sociology. 8. Consider what it means to be a 'classic' in Sociology. 9. Develop understanding of alternative sociological paradigms through feminist and postcolonial theory. Theories will be grounded and contextualised through thematic exploration of social domains, concepts, transformations, and identities. These may include but are not limited to 'race', ethnicity and religion, gender and sexuality, globalisation and modernity, the state and political institutions, capitalism and the economy, class, disability and identity. Download the PDF for SAC4020-B_2023_4.pdf