Security and Development in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Areas

Module code: PES7048-B

To enable you to develop advanced knowledge and understanding of the complex interrelationships between conflict, security, poverty and development in developing countries, and particularly in fragile and conflict affected areas - historically and since the mid-1990s. To enable you to develop an advanced understanding of key concepts, theories and approaches to the nexus between violence, security, development, poverty and governance. To develop and apply the skills necessary to use analytical frameworks for understanding and assessing human insecurity; fragility, fragile states, conflict- and gender- sensitivity, natural resource governance; resilience, and peace-building and state-building processes. To enable you to develop a detailed knowledge, understanding and capacity to engage with key policy and practitioner community debates relating to areas of development, poverty reduction, security, justice, governance and recovery from complex crises, as they apply to actors and programmes in fragile and conflict-affected countries, and also in fragile areas of otherwise relatively stable developing countries and emerging powers. To familiarise you with key methods and assessment frameworks used in international policy and practitioner communities concerning gender sensitivity, fragility assessments, conflict sensitivity, natural resource governance in fragile areas; community safety and security; and security and justice sector reform; and to gain experience in applying these. Download the PDF for PES7048-B_2023_4.pdf