Natural Resource Governance

Module code: PES7045-B

To develop your knowledge and understanding of key concepts principles, challenges, theoretical frameworks and debates concerning natural resource governance at local, national and cross-border levels; and of processes of conflict, co-operation and justice relating to access to, and use of, such resources. To establish advanced appreciation of the characteristics and challenges of governance and management of land, forests, water, fisheries and mineral natural resources in developing countries; particularly in the context of fragile or conflict-affected areas and of perceptions of resource scarcity. To developed students' knowledge of contemporary policy debates and lessons learned concerning co-operation and assistance programmes relating to development, peace and environmental sustainability of natural resource access and use. To develop students' advanced awareness of issues of conflict sensitivity, gender sensitivity, and fragility/resilience in relation to natural resource policies and programmes in developing countries, and particularly in fragile or conflict affected contexts; and to provide students with skills to apply guidelines and methods developed to address these issues. Download the PDF for PES7045-B_2023_4.pdf