Fundamentals of Materials

Module code: MAE3003-B

1. Material is necessary for every engineering system; as such, engineers must develop knowledge and understanding of the influence of material structure (from atomic through to microstructural) on materials' chemical and physical properties. Materials science combines tools from chemistry, biology,technology, and mathematics to develop a solution critical to societal needs and covers all natural and synthetic materials. 2. The module provides the theoretical knowledge of microstructures and materials properties for various materials, including metals and alloys; ceramics and glasses; polymers; electronic, magnetic, and optical materials; and composites. As well as metallurgical theories and concepts enable the understanding of the relationship between treatment and material properties for application in all branches of engineering. 3. In this module, students are supported to develop the analytical and practical skills necessary to understand and apply scientific engineering principles to create new sustainable products with the potential of reducing environmental impact and significantly improving our quality of life. Download the PDF for MAE3003-B_2023_4.pdf