Foundation Mechanics

Module code: MAE3001-B

1. Engineers are required to solve problems that affect all aspects of life, and to do this effectively a strong and fundamental knowledge of Mechanics is vital. Mechanics considers the effects of forces on objects, including any motion as a result of these forces. It bridges mathematics and physics. Study of mechanics allows engineers to consider effective, efficient and sustainable approaches to withstanding or utilising forces. 2. This module provides the theoretical knowledge of types and effects of forces and explores the application of these theories to real engineering scenarios including our built environment, design of objects and vehicles we use, methods of manufacturing the resources we need to live, and consideration of the effects in and on living bodies. 3. In this module students are supported to develop the analytical skills necessary to understand and contextualise data, to use that data appropriately in applying the scientific principles to solve engineering problems and to present and communicate the outcomes clearly. Download the PDF for MAE3001-B_2023_4.pdf