International Insolvency Law

Module code: LAW7083-B

The module will introduced students to Corporate insolvencies, which are an essential feature of the markets with high socio-economic and political significance. Students will explore the factors and elements of corporate insolvencies which contribute to their significance and the ways law uses to regulate them. Students will be introduced to national and international legal frameworks on insolvency you will learn to implement these frameworks in real world situations to provide legal advice or resolve disputes. This module is an important element of the LLM International Corporate Law and Governance programme because insolvencies are an important phenomenon in the corporate area; part of the LLM International Banking and Financial Technology Lawprogramme due to the significant financial dimension of corporate insolvencies; part of the LLM International Commercial Law, due to insolvency’s impact on trade and commerce; and part of the LLM International Legal Studies as one of the significant practical areas of legal study that students could explore. This module is also suitable for any other postgraduate programme where insolvency law can be supportive of the achievement of the programme aims. Download the PDF for LAW7083-B_2023_4.pdf