Module code: LAW7039-B

To develop an understanding of the relationship between E-Commerce and law. To analyse the legal environment which allows the Internet to be the primary means of communication. To develop an understanding and appreciation of the legal aspects of the Internet as a business medium. This module will: a) encourage every learner to be as active as possible. This will be facilitated by learning tasks that challenge students to think more deeply about what it is they are learning. b) provide frequent formative assessment. This will encourage the learner to test their understanding or skills frequently and ensure that they get timely, constructive and useful feedback and guidance - this should include feedback from peers, wherever possible; c) put emphasis on collaborative learning (building a learning community). The module will create small groups which will work together to produce various types of content such as reports, a lesson, a demonstration. This approach will attempt to engender a sense of ownership and achievement in the module. Download the PDF for LAW7039-B_2023_4.pdf