International Banking and Finance Law

Module code: LAW7037-B

The aim of the module is to develop your awareness of the essential functions of the banking system and to develop your understanding of core principles of international banking and finance law. The module is designed to make the subject accessible to all students and focuses on selected topics of global finance that have the greatest practical significance, thereby delivering on the learning outcomes. This module is a central element of the LLM International Banking and Financial Technology Law, as it covers the fundamentals of banking and finance law; part of the LLM international Commercial Law, due to significant role of banking law in commercial transactions; part of the LLM International Corporate Law and Governance because of the significant role of banking in corporate activities; Part of the LLM Technology and Artificial Intelligence Law due to the significant technological applications in banking and Finance; and part of the LLM International Legal Studies as one of the significant areas of legal study that students could explore. Download the PDF for LAW7037-B_2023_4.pdf