Sustainable Development Law in Contemporary Business and Society

Module code: LAW7030-B

This module aims to provide an appreciation of the international law of sustainable development by introducing key international legal frameworks and institutions related to sustainable development and by looking into certain important areas where international sustainable development law is being implemented. The module also discusses practical issues related to sustainable development, such as those arising from the efforts to eradicate poverty and inequality and the support of the poor and disadvantaged. The areas of primary focus are business, environment, human rights and international trade/commerce. This module is an important element of the LLM Technology and Artificial Intelligence Law programme becauseof the significant role of technology and artificial intelligence in addressing development challenges; it is part ofthe LLM International Corporate Law and Governance programme because of the prominence of sustainabilityrequirements in corporate governance; part of the LLM International Banking and Financial Technology Lawprogramme because of the critical importance of sustainability in banking and financial systems; part of the LLM International Commercial Law, due to the vital role of sustainable development principles for preventing and resolving disputes from commerce and trade; part of the LLM International Human Rights Law and Developmentdue to the significant development impacts on human rights; part of LLM Natural Resources, Environmental Law,and Policy due to the significance of the sustainable development principle for addressing legal issuesrelated for example to climate change, the environment and natural resources; and part of the LLM International Legal Studies as one of the significant modern areas of legal study with policy and practical relevance. This module is also suitable for any other postgraduate programme where knowledge of sustainabledevelopment law principles can contribute towards achieving the programme aims. Download the PDF for LAW7030-B_2023_4.pdf