Foundations of Law and Skills (DL)

Module code: LAW6029-Z

This module is part of the induction to all the LLM programmes of the School of Law. The aim is to provides an introduction to the English and International Legal Systems, the institutions and sources of Law, as well as key academic skills, including research, critical thinking and analytical skills and encourage participative, independent and reflective learning and the development of personal and professional skills. The Foundations of Law and Skills (FLS) module is compulsory to all students who are joining a LLM programme and is particularly useful to you if you have not previously studied law or you have come from a non-common law background. The module will equip you with knowledge of sources and institutions in English and international law, which is essential for the successful completion of the LLM programme. The module aims to provide students with an understanding of both substantive and procedural aspects of English and international law instruments, examining their sources, principles, and elements. The module provides students with skills to conduct and evaluate research and advanced scholarship in all aspects of the LLM programmes. This includes the capacity to evaluate existing theories and methodologies and, where appropriate, propose new hypotheses in different fields. The module helps students to develop the ability to work with their knowledge of legal principles and apply them to new situations in order to arrive at imaginative and innovative solutions and interpretations It aims to support students to develop excellent communication skills including writing and legal research skills commensurate with LLM level study and advanced scholarship. The module will examine based on sets of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to encourage students to reflect on the nature, function, sources and institutions of English and International Law, as well as the application of the law in different contexts. The FLS module is mandatory, this means that the module is compulsory for all students who wish to undertake any of the LLM postgraduate programmes. Without attempting this module an award of an LLM Postgraduate degree will not be possible. Download the PDF for LAW6029-Z_2023_4.pdf