Space Dynamics and Systems Design

Module code: ELE7033-B

This module aims to provide basic tools and professional knowledge of satellite systems engineering based on consolidated industrial experience. This will allow students to gain broad, top-level insight, which will support their learning in the other modules of the MSc programme. This module will introduce the principles of satellite orbits, dynamics, and manoeuvres to provide a fundamental background to understanding spacecraft capabilities, performance, and behaviour. The avionics and attitude control and determination subsystems will be covered in depth. This module will provide a comprehensive overview of how space projects are conceived, developed, and managed. There will be an emphasis on how space projects have improved the quality of life in a global context, especially in developing countries. This module will include technical engineering discussions where students will gain understanding of key elements of satellite systems architectures, design drivers, and criticalities. Several use cases for LEO and GEO systems will be used to highlight the application of such concepts to provide the students a view into industry operations. This module will give students the opportunity to apply and demonstrate their new understanding and skills through group project work. Download the PDF for ELE7033-B_2023_4.pdf