MSc Group Project

Module code: COS7048-B

Conducting projects is an integral part of academic and/or professional career. Some projects fail due technical reasons, but most failures are directly related to the poor project management and not applying the principles of good project management. In this module, the students will learn project management processes that project teams must understand and the standards to which their projects are being held to and apply these principles in a practical project. The module gives students experience of carrying out a computer science research project that solves a particular research problem relevant to the programme of study (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Systems, Internet of Things, etc.). The students will either provide a computational solution using scientific tools and methods and performing computational analysis, or they provide a software engineering solution by developing a fully functional software system using state-of-the-art software development techniques. The students will also analyse legal, social, ethical and professional issues related to their projects. By working in teams, the students are expected to demonstrate the need for a professional approach to all aspects of research and software development. As part of the project, teams will deliver reports, code, and demonstrate a working software system or a computational solution. In addition, they will present certain elements of their work in written, graphical and verbal forms through the production of materials, e.g., reports, demo, and oral presentation. The students will be guided by a supervisor from the relevant research disciplines. Download the PDF for COS7048-B_2023_4.pdf