Asset Pricing and Financial Markets

Module code: AFE7503-B

This module provides students with (i) the knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of the modern financial system relating to the interplay between financial markets, financial institutions, various managers and agents, financial instruments and the role of regulation, and (ii) the knowledge and critical skills that are essential for analysing the characteristics and structure of financial institutions and markets, (iii) a detailed understanding of the theoretical frameworks that lie behind the main asset pricing models in financial economics, and (iv) empirical evidence that evaluates the ability of these models to reflect real-world financial market prices.Students will be able to (i) critically evaluate the role and impact of financial markets and institutions on both corporate financial operations and managerial decision making, (ii) understand the strengths and limitations of the models that they will use in their future financial careers. Download the PDF for AFE7503-B_2023_4.pdf