Conceptual Issues in Psychology and Mental Health

Module code: PSY4012-B

Module Aims 

The aim of this module is to introduce the cultural, historical, and social issues inherent to psychological
sciences and their philosophical and ethical underpinnings. You will be introduced to a variety of core areas
within psychology that are sometimes called paradigms or perspectives. As one of the first modules of your
programme of study, you will be working in teams to start establishing relationships across the cohort. Called team-based learning, this is a 'flipped' model where you engage with the learning materials before class (rather than during or after class). Classes start with a readiness assurance process in which you complete a multiple choice question quiz on the learning materials as an individual (individual readiness assurance test; iRAT) and subsequently in your team (team readiness assurance test; tRAT). Classes follow the readiness assurance process with a range of team application exercises in which you apply the knowledge from the learning materials. You will, for example, make decisions about how a historical source can be interpreted. Through presenting your choices, your team will learn how to reliably describe the material in the syllabus with structured and coherent arguments and through audio-visual means (e.g., in person or with a video).


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