Architecture in Global Contexts

Module code: CSE4005-B

Module Aims

Traditionally, modules dealing with the history and theory of Architecture have been strongly rooted in the development of Western Architecture and its impact. This module overturns traditional approaches in a programme of study which recognises the need for a decolonised, global approach. Students will become aware of the importance of many global contexts in understanding the development of architectural technologies,
theories, and aesthetics over time. Vernacular architecture will be explored along with influential edifices and environments of the past and present. Students will recognise the intellectual, ethical, and aesthetic implications of current and developing technological adva ncements and their role in meeting the future needs of individuals in specific places in the world. The contextual understanding developed in this module will equip students with the kind of global awareness and outlook necessary to be able to contribute to cutting-edge,
climate responsive and inclusive architectural practices of the future. Placed in the first year of academic study, this module provides the necessary theoretical underpinning for
studio-based design activity. Using lectures as a starting point, students will begin self-directed research-based learning to explore the relationship between architecture and  culture, environment, climate, economics, resource availability, technological advancements,  and population dynamics. Students will develop verbal, visual and research skills which will be utilised when compiling, annotating, and presenting findings in
coursework assessments. The module will embrace the latest thinking in teaching and learning practice. There will be elements of choice when undertaking thematic research and this will extend to a degree of freedom in how students choose to present and analyse their findings. These strategies will enable students to develop the appropriate learning autonomy early in the student journey preparing them for later activity in the programme
and beyond graduation.


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